The VASSI Mathematics Proficiency Test is a South African assessment tool that was developed for English, Afrikaans and previously disadvantaged learners. The test is standardised for English-, Afrikaans- and Sesotho-speaking learners in the foundation phase (Grades 1-3) and intermediate phase (Grades 4-6).

The VASSI Mathematics Proficiency Tests was developed by Dr Colleen Vassiliou. Dr Vassiliou was a mathematics teacher before studying further as a psychologist. Due to the problems she encountered as a mathematics teacher and due to the absence of mathematical proficiency testing she decided to develop the VASSI Mathematics Proficiency Test.

The first task in helping a learner who is struggling with mathematics is to identify the problem. Thus, if a learner fails to meet the expectations of the curriculum or fails to carry out the cognitive processes necessary for successful task completion, the VASSI Mathematics Proficiency Test can be used to identify and address this problem.


bullet Educators of Grade 1 to Grade 6 learners
bullet Remedial teachers
bullet Psychologists

The VASSI Mathematics Proficiency Test:

bullet Determines whether a learner has a problem in Mathematics, in which learning area the problem lay and what cognitive processes need to be stimulated to assist the learner to cope with the necessary mathematics tasks that are expected
bullet Can be administered to groups of learners or to individuals
bullet Is standardised for English-, Afrikaans- and Sesotho-speaking learners from Grade 1 to Grade 6. During standardisation, separate norms for each term were calculated. These norms are available in both stanines and percentile ranks
bullet The answer sheets are available in English, Afrikaans and Sesotho
bullet Can also be used qualitatively to determine not only the learning strand in which the learner may be experiencing problems, but also the specific cognitive process, such as receiving, interpreting, organizing, applying, remembering and problem solving, which might be preventing the learner from reaching his or her full mathematical potential
bullet Is bias free and culturally friendly. During the construction of this test, care was taken to ensure that the test was cross-culturally adapted. Differential Item Functioning was used to limit the possibility of cultural bias. The Item Response Theory and the Classical Test Theory were also used for item analysis and selection

Is a reliable and valid measuring instrument since the bias of the assessment measure has been decreased. This was done by eliminating any item that was biased towards a specific cultural group. The test can therefore be used in practice with confidence

Necessary training or workshops can be arranged (depending on the size of the group that is interested in the material)



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